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August 06 2018

Why Business and Government Organizations need Social Media Monitoring?

Research on social media has greatly intensified in the past few years given the significant interest from the application’s perspective and the associated unique technical and social science challenges and opportunities.  It is no longer just for individuals to make new friends or stay connected with families, or for businesses to reach out to their customers; the public sector has also been rapidly adopting social media as an efficient tool to engage citizens. Most of the sector have millions of public connections through social networks that grow exponentially daily in every new “share” and “retweet”.  As social media becomes a part of our daily lives, it is only natural for most sector to benefit from these channels to listen, engage and interact with citizens.

Most of them currently are utilizing social media data analytics tools with the following purposes:

-       Assess public opinions for policy making: Policy makers use social media to measure public opinio, as well as to better understand the sentiment of the average people living and working in the country, in order to make more informed decisions on new strategies.

-       Safeguard reputation: from the point of view of Government Organizations, overseas investors can form impressions about a country and have opinions on whether the country offers suitable business environment through forum discussions on social media; tourists also often share their travel experiences on social media, making it an important channel to gain insight into the impact of these conversations on the country’s reputation. For companies in the retail sector, social media monitoring allows you to determine the standing of your company or brand by capturing the mood and opinions of consumers. This data is the foundation you can rely on whenever you have to make strategic decisions in terms of communication goals.

-       Improve disaster response: the monitoring helps you to keep an eye on the entire negative discussion, to assess the reach and relevance as well as to identify crucial arguments and opinion leaders. It’s the only way to guarantee that when a crisis occurs an adequate course of action is set and that the appropriate strategies to cope with the conflict are put into place.

-       Assess and mitigate potential crisis: Social unrest can be managed effectively through active listening, identifying noises and false information, such as taking action to defuse or suppress them as necessary to dispel rumors.

And there is another issue too. Whether or not you engage in a digital channel such as social media, cyber criminals can create fake accounts that appear to represent your brand. The redborder Social App allows you to analyze events in real-time enabling you to know when and how to react.



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