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June 18 2020

Cyberattacks in times of Coronavirus

The impact of the coronavirus can is being also felt online, since this crisis began there has been a large increase in cases of cyber-attacks. The pandemic has forced millions of people to work at home and very few were prepared for secure teleworking.

Email attacks (phishing) have intensified. It seems that everything related to the virus is a front gate open to cybercriminals. Fake news are dangerous weapons that are being used by cybercriminals to sneak up on us with an information virus without us noticing. These attacks are increasingly prepared to violate the security of our devices.

During these months, we have all received a message about some miracle cure for the COVID-19 coronavirus. And we have received it despite the fact that specialists from around the world, led by the World Health Organization, assure that at the moment there is no treatment or vaccine against this disease.

What do they get? What drives these cyber-attacks is mainly the theft of user information, which is translated into quick and easy money. Second and to a lesser extent, activism and espionage movements. We are all clear that "I have nothing to hide", or "what interest will cybercriminals have in my information?" has passed into history.

In the case of critical installations (financial, health sector), Redborder installs a probe to analyse network traffic and detect any type of suspicious activity that potentially puts the provision of the service at risk to users. The main vectors of detected attacks are phishing, ransomware and cyber-attacks against the tools of work in which the cybercriminals pose as a technical service to convince users to give them access to confidential information.

Redborder advises implementing cybersecurity tools for devices, since prevention is the best way to avoid risks. By reviewing and monitoring all device network traffic, you avoid information theft attacks on all apps, emails, malicious website access etc. Redborder tools give full behavioural visibility of all types of assets, alerting of malicious events.

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