redBorder enterprise edition (60 days Trial)


Thank you for trying our solution! Downloading this file you will get the software that allows you to install redborder platform.

You can enjoy all Enterprise Edition features during 60 days. 

How can I install the redborder platform?

You can install the platform in isolation or as a part of a cluster Scale-Out. Is such as working in the cloud but in on premise deployment.

Preinstaled Apps: 

  • IPS Management 
  • Network Visibility (Netflow and more):
  • Social

Install, try, play and if you like it, don't hesitate in contact us for convert your Trial into a permanent platform.

redBorder enterprise Malware edition (60 days Trial)

Do you want to try the best solution for avoiding Malware propagation? Enjoy the amazing capacity of redborder platform linked with the cybersecurity threat intelligence of our Malware App. 

Stay tuned!

redBorder Community edition

Do you work in small or single server deployment? This is your perfect solution. Download now and enjoy redborder without license or time limit.

What are the differences between Community and other Editions?

Click here to compare editions.

  • It is not possible to create a cluster.
  • You can`t enjoy Premium features as IP or domains reputation analysis.


Preinstaled Apps

  • IPS Management
  • Network Visibility (Netflow and more)
  • Social
redBorder Community Malware edition

What if you add to our Community Edition the Malware App? If you want to discover it, stay tuned!

SNORT* redBorder Edition

Detection and prevention of intrusion using the best technology: this is SNORT* redBorder Edition.

We have adapted and enhanced Snort for the installation of a NIDPS probe and thus squeeze all its capabilities:

  • Performance improvements
  • Geolocalization Blocking
  • Advanced modes: classic IDS/IPS modes, new best-effort TAP mode and software bypass protection in IPS mode.

You can manage your probes in a simply way from redborder platform. Ask for different deployment options!

SNORT* redborder plugin (Documentation HowTo)

This guide will help you to install the public redborder repository for managing SNORT* rules and check out the events as you've never imagine before.

Analyze your traffic network safely and in an easy and elegant way.

Installation Guide Spanish version is available. English version coming soon.

redBorder Client Proxy

Need to unify the events of a local installation and send them safely to your redborder Live account?

Download here our wizard for Client Proxy installation.

redBorder Support (Documentation HowTo)

Don't left any doubt about how to use redborder.

Review our Support Center guide and discover how our agents can help you.