The redborder crew

Pure Talent

Jesús de la Maza


Responsible for the managerial activities of the company.

Jaime Nebrera


Search for and identify technologies that could complement or enhance our Big Data backend. I have set my sights on almost any new fancy name out there before they are known or trendy, giving my company a technological advantage.

Cristina de la Maza


Being responsible for the company's operations, R&D projects as well as interaction with European and international institutions related to Big Data and Cybersecurity.

Juan Jesús Prieto

QA & Support ManagerCofounder

Support Manager, product QA and DevOps Team Leader. Senior level Linux administrator with experience in the most diverse environments: security, embedded systems or networking.

Pablo Nebrera

Chief Architect

Tackle most complex projects involving our products or technologies and specific client needs. His deep knowledge of the internals of our products enable him to solve any client requirement.

Aurelio Martín

Business Development Manager

He is in charge of channel partner program, from its conception to the day to day operations. Helps channel sales personnel in initial client prospects.

José Antonio Parra

Web Manager

Coordination of web developers working on the redborder web interface, based on Ruby on Rails. Design and develop data visualization components on top of Druid, Spark, D3.js and Google Maps API. Design and develop management interface for Opscode Chef.

Carlos Jiménez

Project Manager

Coach for the digital transformation and servant leader for the software development teams and other non-technical staff, structuring software development and adapting to the core Agile practices.

Clara Meniz

Web Developer

Contribution to the development of the redborder platform. Mainly its front end, for the visualization of the data using Ruby on Rails and D3.js

Carlos Javier Mateos

Security Engineer

Managing all systems and technologies around the redborder ecosystem, collaborating with software engineering in deployments, developing in the core side, managing cloud infrastructures, testing and automating.

Alberto Rodríguez

Cloud DevOps

Cloud deployment, operations and management, collaborating with software developers and engineers to optimize the reliability and cost of our cloud infrastructure.

Diego Fernández

C Developer

High performance C programming in Snort, pf_ring librdkafka and nprobe. He has participated in the development of most data bridges.

Pablo Cantos

Pre Sales Engineer

Business contact with the customer for technical matters. Technical demonstrations, training, deep product follow up... Identification of product improvements based on my experience and daily work with customers.

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