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June 10 2019

event, alert, and incident

Event, alert, and incident. What is the difference?

There could be variance in these definitions due to differences in their businesses and their needs

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April 26 2019

Why Ciber security dashboard?

In much the same way, the function of a dashboard is to provide real-time results by aggregating and extracting value from all the data you collect, otherwise known as your key performance indicators (KPIs). Cyber Security Dashboard can help you steer your organisation towards the desired cyber security position, while providing answers to key questions often raised by executives.

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Network Management

March 21 2019

The growing threat of attacks in banks

Financial institutions are particularly exposed to cyber risk due to their reliance on critical infrastructures and their dependence on highly interconnected networks. More and more, financial services organizations are operating under a constant state of attack, leaving IT and security teams challenged in their ability to collect, disseminate and interpret malicious events.


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December 10 2018

What makes public Wi-Fi vulnerable to attack

If you plan on taking chances with your data and are willing to connect to Public WIFI look out for these top five hacks.


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December 04 2018

The major security threats facing Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and the technology involved have security vulnerabilities as other organizational systems. They have to manage the same external and insider threats as all businesses of all sizes have to handle in the current sophisticated cyber security sphere.

These are some security threats that Industry 4.0 players need to focus on, and try to mitigate its impact.


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