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August 08 2018

Cybersecurity Improves Brand Loyalty

Having solid cybersecurity plans and secure ways can do more than keep your customers’ data secure; it can boost brand loyalty.


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August 06 2018

Why Business and Government Organizations need Social Media Monitoring?

As Social Media empowers people to express their thoughts and opinions and share them with others freely online, it became an attractive channel for every sector to obtain honest public opinions and take action in false information.


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Network Management

May 30 2018

IDS, Securing your Network from attacks

IDS, Securing your Network from attacks

Many companies deploy intrusion detection systems (IDS) to gain visibility into potentially malicious activities happening within their technology environments. Why are they so important?


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May 29 2018

Carbanak and Cobalt malware attacks

Case study: The Carbanak cybercrime group

This cybercrime group behind the malware, infected systems through spear phishing in order to spy on staff, watch how they transferred cash, and then mimic the techniques to transfer funds fraudulently without being discovered until last March. Have you heard about them before?


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May 28 2018


IoT Y ataques DDoS

IoT aún sigue evolucionando, pero los hackers ya están explotando las vulnerabilidades de seguridad de los dispositivos IoT para obtener acceso a los sistemas, incluidos los sistemas de control industrial en los que se sustenta la infraestructura más importante. Las organizaciones siguen agregando dispositivos IoT a sus entornos de TI preocupándose muy poco o nada en absoluto sobre la seguridad o, lo que es peor, sin tomarse el tiempo necesario para evaluar cuántos dispositivos IoT están tocando sus redes. De esta forma, facilitan que los hackers tomen el mando de IoT.

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