What is redborder?

The ultimate real time Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and Active Cybersecurity Platform based on Big Data and Open Source

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Why redborder?

Network Traffic Analysis

redborder provides high-speed NTA and traffic visibility at SP scale. Give the NOC/ SOC teams all traffic information with the right tools for powerful analysis.

Real-Time Venue Analytics

redborder delivers invaluable knowledge by collecting traffic data from wireless networks (WIFI, Cell Networks). It's all about people: Location, Activity, Behavior, mass movements and social analytics.

Active Cybersecurity

The redborder platform and probes work together to protect your network with a scale-out analytics engine, sandboxing, probes management and premiun and collaborative threat intelligence.

Open Source

We employ an open core business model for high-speed innovation, collective intelligence, freedom, and cost control. We believe in the power of the community and are betting on a purely Open Source future.

Scale-Out Big Data

The Platform can process millions of events per second from networks of any size in real time. Scale-Out power for managing probes, network devices, analysis activity and users in a multitenant and cloud-ready infrastructure.

Operational Intelligence

redborder offers data enrichment with external intelligence sources combined with data mining, correlation and behavioral analytics. Gain practical insights from integrated data.

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