Hadoop as a service

It's a "canned" version of a set of big data technologies conveniently configured, exploited and secured in order to provide our clients with the capacities of the great Internet technologies.

For small, medium and large companies.



We are compatible with countless data sources, in the IT sector, finances, IoT, etc. We adapt to the client's data and are also flexible regarding the quantity of information which we can manage. The system is fully horizontally scalable and we are able to deal with both the data of a SME as well as that of a large company.


The client is unaware of the technologies behind the service. They simply have to manage the web interface in order to view the relevant data in a simple and intuitive manner.


We offer our clients the possibility of enriching their data with external sources, such as applying rules in real time, they can send an alarm or perform an automated action.


Each client's data is conveniently isolated from other data. Likewise, as a single point of access to the data, a web interface is used which is conveniently secured and has a strict application of access controls as well as auditing of the actions performed by the different users.


The system shows the data to the client in real time and includes past data. Responses are interactive and allow our users to analyse and interact with their data as a support for decision making.


Create as many dashboards as required, combining metrics from different data sources and visualisations which enable you to find out the status of your business at any time.

Hadoop as a service

Download the brochure of Hadoop as a service

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