Industry 4.0

Active security monitoring of industrial distributed production

redborder is an Open Source NTA (Network Traffic Analytics), Technical Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity Big Data solution that is scalable up to the needs of Industry 4.0 cyber physical systems and industrial networks. redborder is the only platform that blends data from wired&wireless devices activity and can scale to millions of flows, logs, events, and users per second from thousands of devices without practical limits, from single-server to multi-site deployments. Crowd-sourced threat intelligence allows the platform to analyse, exploit, secure, and manage data from IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) vendor protocols for making decisions in real time.

The Cybersecurity event engine of redborder allows the deployment of protected communication chain from third party interference, where a series of "Industry 4.0 business rules" will be applied to trigger new events, alarms, or actions to prevent risks associated with the cooperation value creation network established between companies related to a smart factory.



The whole redborder platform is designed to scale horizontally, by adding new resources to the cluster.

  Unified storage

Thanks to its fully schema less storage layer, redborder keeps all the information, no matter how different, in an uniform data lake.


A documented API is exposed for those that want to interact with redborder from the outside.


redborder combines the simplicity of fully customizable and easy to create dashboards with deep slice and dice analytical capabilities to get the full picture, in real time.

  Backend services

redborder incorporates management capabilities fitting the needs of the most demanding corporations: multi-tenant isolation, user access privileges and auditing, hierarchical management, reporting, self-provisioning.


  Full Stack

It is the ideal solution for IIoT manufacturers who want to use the current capabilities of redborder adapting it to the peculiarities of their data sources. With slight modifications to data sources and the look & feel it is possible to adapt redborder to this scenario without having to program a Big Data platform from scratch.

  Partial Stack

Option designed to use our capabilities in a completely different environment to those available within the range of redborder products. The specific functionalities needed can be adapted by quickly adding a new data source to the platform. Perfect for manufacturers who just want to use the back-end, developing their full front-end using our API.


redborder as a shortcut to your Big Data implementation. Thanks to its capacity to ingest and analyse event data and its user-friendly GUI is able to facilitate the transition to the world of Big Data. It is an indispensable tool to keep track of everything happening within an organisation including:

  Industrial automation systems increasingly integrated in sensors with wireless communication capability.

  Real-time solution on BiGData platform based on OpenSource.

  Development and implementation of specific analytics based on the information collected.

  Processing of high volumes of information from all phases in the production processes and decision making in real time.

  Log Management: Compliance with regulations. redborder has the ability to receive logs from other systems at a high speed, obtaining summaries and signing them in real time to guarantee the integrity of the information and ensuring that it is not rejected.

Industry 4.0

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