redborder offers the possibility of extending your business model to companies who want to manage IT infrastructures remotely in a proactive manner and following a subscription model for their clients which provides recurrent revenue.

It has a unique network and cybersecurity visibility platform in order to monitor all of its clients’ IT indicators and to detect abnormalities in the behaviour of monitored information in order to predict problems and threats even before they appear.

It has an individual and safe space for the centralised management of each one of its clients, offering them personalised dashboards and periodical reports featuring the information which is most relevant to them.



Thanks to the large scaling capacity and multidomain and multitenant architecture, redborder is the perfect solution for offering network and cybersecurity visibility services to all of its clients in a flexible manner from one sole platform.

Transparent growth of the business. This may begin with a lower initial infrastructure and grow without limits as the number of clients increases. The performance of the platform may increase as your volume of clients and their requirements increase. Changes in the redborder infrastructure can be carried out without affecting the services provided.


Scaling not only becomes an easy and innocuous task, but the desired multidomain and multitenant structure can easily be configured via the redborder web interface. To do this, you just need to create, in a few clicks of the mouse, different domains so that your client’s data is stored separately and is guaranteed privacy.

Multiple deployment options

redborder can be deployed in physical devices, virtual surroundings and even in the cloud. The configuration of the redborder platform offers multiple possibilities:


Just one node supporting all of the redborder services.

  High availability

Several nodes which make up a cluster with services replicated and dimensioned correctly to predict the failure of another node.

  Other configurations

Different nodes which make up a cluster can carry out different, more critical and/or demanding, services.


  Outsourcing of technological services.

  Offer of routine services for Enterprise and also for Small and Medium-sized businesses.

  Recurrent revenue, software subscription model.

  Monitoring and programming of thresholds with alert generation.

  Reduction of OPEX and CAPEX costs for the end client.

  Optimisation of infrastructures when offering services by using a shared platform.


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