redborder can be used as a base for other hardware and software manufacturers in order to accelerate their own development and access state-of-the-art data treatment technology in real time and on a large scale.


Despite the fact that the collection component for logs shares characteristics with the others, there are fundamental elements in its design and use which stem from the need for regulatory compliance. Therefore, it also has the following capacities:


Acceleration of development time from a complete and tested platform.


Processing capacity of data in real time including enrichment and correlation functions.


Unlimited scalability in both time and data volume.


Possibility of configuring monitored equipment easily from platforms.


  Full stack

It’s the ideal solution for manufacturers who want to use redborder’s current capacities adapting it to the specific features of their data sources. By carrying out small modifications in the data sources and the look & feel, it is possible to adapt redborder to this context without needing to programme a Big Data platform from scratch.

  Partial stack

This is the option designed for using our capacities in a setting which is completely different to those available within the range of redborder products. The specific functionalities required can be adapted by quickly adding a new data source to the platform. It’s perfect for manufacturers who only want to use the back-end, developing their full front-end using our API.


  Dual licensing. Possibility of licensing our own intellectual property in a friendly manner to proprietary surroundings, removing the restrictions of Affero GPL.

  Price fixing. We can establish a licensing mode which is best suited to the requirements of your business.

  Support for developers. Possibility of contracting support services for your developers.

  Possibility of for your team by carrying out custom-made development (with or without assignment of intellectual

  Brand image. Possibility of doing your own branding or co-branding.

  Preferential access to development and definition versions of the roadmap.


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