All of the retail digital information in one single screen

It's the ideal solution for added value, created from the paradigm of security which enables a unique overview of the client's digital behaviour to be captured. Decision making is no longer simply based on pure intuition, now it is 100% oriented towards the right path.

For anybody who has a large volume of heterogeneous information to manage.

How does it work?


The redborder infrastructure allows the information obtained from all of the devices connected to it to be used, be they in a private network (Lan - Wi-FI), an external mobile phone network or in RFID systems to manage the traceability of products.

Due to BigData technology, the instantaneous ingestion of billions of data is possible


Thanks to real-time analysis, you can be aware of the typology of the client at all times.

Dashboards can be created which show the client's information in order to instantly plan and apply strategies.


The analysed information can be used to maximise all of the opportunities presented by the business.

By getting to know the client better, the desired product can be reached in a more direct manner.



Locate all of your products instantly, find out whether they are moving within your business and get a clear vision of the current stock.


Once a client enters your business, the details from their mobile application are crossed with the rest of the information gathered in redborder. This way, search times for products or services are drastically reduced.


With Mobility you can find out movement details of your clients, such as the number of visitors per area, the amount of time that they spent in the different parts of your business, when a client repeatedly visits one area, etc.


Campaigns in media completely aimed at specific profiles thanks to the profile analysis of client consumption.


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