All of the digital information of the premises in one single screen

It's the ideal solution which enables a unique overview to be captured of the digital information of the exhibition venue and that of the visitor in order to offer them a better experience during the visit. Improve your event each year thanks to redborder.

For anybody who has a large volume of heterogeneous information to manage.

How does it work?


The redborder infrastructure enables the use all of the information obtained by the technology which the buildings currently have in place, even if they come from different sources, which offers the possibility of not missing one single piece of data.

The use of BigData technology enables the instantaneous ingestion of billions of data.


Thanks to real-time analysis, you can be aware of the typology of the client at all times.

Dashboards can be created which show the visitor's information in order to instantly plan and apply strategies.


The analysed information can be used to maximise your event, finding out from day one and first hand which are the most visited stands, the areas of your event which are best received by the public, the real hot path, etc. Make the most of the great capacity for data collection from multiple sources.


  Optimisation of space

Find out the turnout of public in your exhibition premises at all times and detect the most frequent paths followed by visitors in order to modify, in real time, the layout of the objects in your fair and therefore get the best possible results.

  User experience

By integrating redborder with the mobile application of your event, you will be able to instantly find out the opinion shared by your visitors on social networks. Use this information to act quickly and to improve the visitor's experience.

  Marketing: fast response

Everything that surrounds the visitor at any event is the fruit of a marketing survey. Get the most out of your marketing actions.


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