May 22 2018

redBorder partner to EU's Fortika Cyber Security project

What is FORTIKA and what it has to do with redBorder?

Fortika is an EU funded project under Horizon 2020 (grant agreement No.740690) which has started on the 1st of June 2017 and will last 3 years. As for us, redBorder is proud to partner with Fortika in advancing cyberattacks solution, harnessing and empowering European SMEs.

What does this project provide?

The FORTIKA project aims to provide SMEs with an embedded, smart and robust hardware security layer (FORTIKA accelerator) enhanced with an adaptive security service management ecosystem.

Security services vary from access-control to real-time data filtering. Therefore, providing services exclusively from the cloud may in some use cases fail to meet latency requirements. Using the Fortika Middleware appliance that operates in the fog area, latency will be minimal since services will provided in close vicinity and only pre-processed data will be sent to the cloud for further processing. Additionally, the appliance will be able to connect and orchestrate all the other systems in the network, in order to enable the delivery of a large number of time-critical security services to the edge of the network, in the premises of the end user.

What's best for end-user?

They could have an innovative, low-cost, security by design, FPGA hardware accelerator. The Fortika security accelerator, installed locally at the enterprise premises, will also embed and provide holistic security services tailored to the needs of the SMEs, while it will have the capability to collect and handle the data of a large number of devices or Services.

Which companies support Fortika?

FORTIKA’s consortium comprises of 16 partners: UOM (Greece), CERTH (Greece), Fraunhofer (Germany), TEIC (Greece), FINT (UK), TEC (UK), VUB (Belgium), XLAB (Slovenia), MOTIVIAN (Bulgaria), ALKE (Italy), NEME (Bulgaria), Obrela (UK), Wattics Ltd (Ireland), HOPU (Spain), NEXTEL (Spain) and our company, ENEO (Spain).


For more information about the FORTIKA project, visit:


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