October 17 2018

Boost 4.0, the biggest European initiative in Big Data for Industry 4.0

Boost 4.0, starting 1st January 2018 and with a duration of 3 years, is the biggest European initiative in Big Data for Industry 4.0.

Despite the Big Data promises, interestingly only 3% of useful manufacturing data is tagged and even less is analyse, manufacturing industry are currently losing up to 99% of the data value the capture since evidence cannot be presented at the speed decision are made and only half of industry is currently using any data to drive decision with a such lower 15% of EU industry employing Big Data solutions as part of value creation and business process. Moreover, in 2016, only three European companies displayed a high or very high digital intensity, while only 6% of ICT and professional services companies were making strategic and intense use of data. BOOST 4.0 is focused and driven by factories, and their needs for data interoperability to realise the Industrial 4.0 vision and leverage future investments and growth.

With a 20M€ budget and leveraging 100M€ of private investment, Boost 4.0 will lead the construction of the European Industrial Data Space to improve the competitiveness of Industry 4.0 and will guide the European manufacturing industry in the introduction of Big Data in the factory, providing the industrial sector with the necessary tools to obtain the maximum benefit of Big Data.

What are the objectives?

-          Global Standards: Contribution to the international standardization of European Industrial Data Space data models and open interfaces aligned with the European Reference Architectural Model Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0).

-          Secure Digital Infrastructures: Adaptation and extension of cloud and edge digital infrastructures to ensure high performance operation of the European Industrial Data Space; i,e, support of high-speed processing and analysis of huge and very heterogeneous industrial data sources.

-          Trusted Big Data Middleware: Integration of the four main open source European initiatives (Industrial Data Space, FIWARE, Hyperledger, Big Data Europe) to support the development of open connectors and big data middleware with native blockchain support in the European Industrial Data Space.

-          Digital Manufacturing Platforms: Open interfaces for the development of big data pipelines for advanced analysis services and data visualization supported by the main digital engineering, simulation, operations and industrial quality control platforms.

-          Certification: European certification program of equipment, infrastructures, platforms and big data services for their operation in the European Industrial Data Space.

What is the role of RedBorder?

RedBorder, company belonging to Innovalia Group, will be involved in every task of Smart Connected Production Pilots, using secure and trusted data transactions and networks for connecting OT & IT factory components.

Boost 4.0 applies such Factory 4.0 models in three lighthouse sectors that drive not only European manufacturing economy but also will drive the IoT/smart connected market development (automotive, manufacturing, automation and smart home appliance factories).

It is definitely not just a project dealing with factories implementing big data processes.


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