December 03 2018

Redborder is part of the ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar

The ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar is the leading visualisation tool representing the Europe-based cybersecurity product vendor, service provider and consultancy offerings. It also helps investors, end-users, service providers, IT integrators, financial investors, corporate strategists and policy-makers to quickly grasp a picture of the commercially available cybersecurity products and services that origin from EU countries.

It seeks to accelerate the drafting of shortlists for tenders and vendor & partner selection shortlists. The Radar is regularly updated each 30 contributions received from companies. With its structured updates, it cuts through the daily press release tsunami, while providing an up-to-date representation of this innovative industry in cybersecurity.

The aim of the Radar is to be a tool for qualitative market analysis and supplements quantitative market research, providing information on the availability of products and services according to an action-oriented taxonomy and the size of the listed companies, according to the EU definitions of Micro, SMEs and Large companies. The Radar delivers visibility and complementary facts on the Digital Single Market’s cybersecurity state-of-play in terms of deployment-ready native capabilities.

ECSO, is a pan-european industry-led organisation with members including a wide variety of stakeholders such as large European companies, SMEs and Start-ups, users and operators, research centres, universities, clusters and association as well as European Member State’s local, regional and national administrations, countries part of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and H2020 associated countries.

In this context, Redboder is very proud to be part of the Cybersecurity Market Radar ECSO representing innovative European cybersecurity industry.


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