November 04 2019

redborder Anomaly Engine

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation. EIT Digital invests in strategic areas to accelerate the market uptake of research-based digital technologies and to bring entrepreneurial talent and leadership to Europe. These areas are Digital Infrastructure, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Finance. The Digital Infrastructure innovation area comprises of three domains: data science, networking and cybersecurity.

In cybersecurity, AI is a central technology in spotting the suspicious status within a system. An example of current Digital Infrastructure innovation proyect is Deep-Augur. Its purpose is to replace the current Deep Packet Inspection in telecom networks that is used to identify the type of application data in order to route in public telecom networks. The currently used packet inspection standard is slow and will reach its limits of effectiveness when data is encrypted. The idea is to use AI for pattern recognition of the type of data, even if it is encrypted, in order to route the packets effectively and also attending a higher demand for Quality of Service. The innovation activity Security Operations Center for Critical Infrastructures protects critical infrastructures such as utilities from advanced persistent threats by applying Deep learning to identify threats in near real-time (<30 minutes). Such incidents have inflicted massive costs of up to €20 million/hour.

The Deep Augur smart traffic analysers (STA) are based on deep learning techniques and can analyse network flows (classify, predict, detect anomalies, etc.) without accessing the packet payload.

redborder Anomaly Engine - redborder AE solution is a response to protecting customers from current and future types of threats. Thereby, redborder have integrated Deep Augur into redborder AE specifically to provide the existing redborder platform with the power to protect networks from the latest types of attacks and threats is limited in the same way as other current generation solutions. The main innovation is its human- machine learning interface which enables the system to incorporate the unique knowledge and skills of each network administrator and security experts into the anomaly detection algorithms. The redborder AE makes network administrators more effective at preventing security incidents by automating the detection of unusual activity and user behaviour.


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