February 06 2020

QA&Test Safety and Security 2020

Thanks to the best security events, you can keep up with the state of security where networking and knowledge are shared. Some events are very large, while others are more intimate. QA&Test Safety and Security is in this latter group.

QA&Test Safety and Security is a two-day conference organized by SQS on March 26-27 at Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid. This new edition will gather dozens of participants representing a wide range of security stakeholders: researchers, industry representatives, public security providers and students. Four keynotes labs will be available to conference-goers, as well as numerous tracks.

The essential subject areas the conference will be covering are: design, systems construction, verification and validation and system certification.

The event will also focus on the need for security research to keep up to speed with a fast-changing environment to fully exploit the opportunities, and address the threats, posed by new technological trends. There will also be an exhibit area focusing on Security Solutions where Redborder will be part as an exhibitor. Join us for two day of dealing with security issues, discussing past experiences, analysing current situations, and incorporating new ideas for the future.

Stay up to speed on security with continuous learning!

For complete information of speakers and available places, please consult here


See below some pictures of the event


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