March 02 2020

Redborder and the RSA Conference 2020

RSA Conference concluded its 29th annual event in San Francisco last Friday. More that 36,000 attendees, 704 speakers and 658 exhibitors gathered at the Moscone Centre last week to explore the Human Element in cybersecurity through hundreds of keynote presentations, track sessions, tutorials, seminars and special events.

Some of the most pressing topics included privacy, machine learning and artificial intelligence, policy and government, applied crypto and blockchain, and, new for RSA Conference 2020, open source tools, product security and anti-fraud.

RSA Conference is also a great chance to connect with colleagues from different organizations. These conversations inform new strategies for the future.

During the event the Basque Cybersecurity Centre organized a seminar to showcase the state of Basque cybersecurity ecosystem, accompanied by the minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia. On this occasion, under the slogan "Think, work, be Industry 4.0: Cybersecurity Basque Country reveals the Basque Country as an ideal place for entrepreneurship in cybersecurity thanks to the existing industrial ecosystem and the continuous support from the Basque Government to new initiatives. From the 17 Basque companies that attended, 14 were from the cybersecurity sector, including Redborder: S21sec, Entelgy Innotec, Versia, Barbara IoT, Wise Security Global, Osane Consulting, Hdiv Security, Panda Security, Redborder, Countercrat, RKL Integral, OpenCloud Factory, Ironchip y GlobalCybcar. In addition to the technology centres Ikerlan and Tecnalia, members of Basque Research and Technology Alliance-BRTA

So, as RSAC 2020 has ended and it is time to go back to saving the world and keeping you secure.  A big thank you from the Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC) Team.  As you can see redborder is here to help you protect your data against internal and external threats.

Trust is becoming the most important foundation on the internet today. Trust is easy to break and very difficult to rebuild.

Jesus de la Maza, CEO Redborder, and the Basque Cybersecurity Centre participating in the RSA Conference 2020.


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