Manage your SNORT* with redborder in seconds

SNORT* Enterprise class and Service Provider class management

Register your SNORT* and use it from redborder Live  or your on-premise installation with the redborder Community or enterprise platform.

With the redborder plugin for your snort installation, you can keep your favorite IDS under control with an easy and effective method of compiling policies and visualizing events generated from your device and sent to redborder.

Is this how you want your SNORT*?

Getting started with Snort redBorder plugin is as easy as 1-2-3
1- Install and Configure your SNORT*

Configure your SNORT* to meet your specific needs. We only need some minor modifications from you to adapt your installation to the plugin. Here is a short guide to help you with the installation of your own IDS based on SNORT*.

2- Install the redborder Plugin

Install the plugin by adding a new repository and following some simple instructions. We have prepared a CentOS/RedHat repository for you. Soon, it will also be available for the rest of your favorite distros as well (Ubuntu and Fedora).

3- Register your Installation and Take Control

Register your plugin and start controlling SNORT*. Configure policies, receive events and evaluate the performance of your installation by monitoring key statistics. Here is a short guide on how to register and control SNORT* from redborder.

And Then What?

redborder is a very powerful complement to Snort, allowing you to centrally configure, supervise, and apply security policies in the open source realm. Its hierarchical, multitenant and multi domain structures control thousands of devices with advanced user control. Events are enriched with relevant Intelligence Threat Sources to help your decision process and improve the application of automated countermeasures. Outstanding visuals help you monitor and investigate any security incident with ease.

Once your sensor is registered in the redborder platform, you can being to use its advanced management capabilities, reports and alarms in an integrated way with the rest of the apps for network visibility, localization services, social, and soon, advanced malware management.

The redborder platform, both in the cloud (redborder Live) and on-premise, will help you to effortlessly manage thousands of probes by applying policies, and in the case of redborder IPS, configurations, easily and effectively. Likewise, you can manage and test Snort or redborder IPS in a cloud infrastructure such as Openstack (IDS/IPS) or Amazon AWS (IDS).