The platform

Simplify your network analytic and security fusing all data in a single platform. redborder is a flexible solution adaptable to your organization’s needs. Its hierarchical and multi domain structures enable you to manage complex environments. Apply security policies, alarms and filters to get the maximum protection and control in real time. redborder operational intelligence platform puts in your fingerprints multiple metrics to secure, manage and monetize your network.


The whole redborder platform is designed to scale horizontally, so that the only bottleneck is your imagination.

Just add new resources to the cluster and we will take care of everything on your behalf.

Unified Storage

Thanks to its fully schema less storage layer, redborder keeps all the information, no matter how different, in an uniform data lake.

Combining OLAP capabilities for interactive data visualization with long term Hadoop storage, you get the best of both worlds.


redborder combines the simplicity of fully customizable and easy to create dashboards with deep slice and dice analytical capabilities for those moments where you need to get the full picture, in real time, just one click away.

Backend Services

redborder incorporates management capabilities fitting the needs of the most demanding corporations: multi tenat isolation, user access privileges and auditing, hierarchical management, reporting, self provisioning


The source code is there. Play with it. Personalize it. Improve it. We are more than willing to accept your contributions.

Also, a documented API is exposed for those that want to interact with redborder from the outside.