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Open, Active and Scale Out professional CybersecurityNext Generation IPS platform.

Our Features

Active Cybersecurity

Protect your IT network with our Next Generation IPS (NGIPS) deployment. Read more.

Network Traffic Analysis

Complete data visualization, NetFlow, sFlow, DPI analisys, geolocation and more. Read more.

Security Info & Event Management

Manage all your Logs, including third party vendors with integrated SIEM module. Read more.

Correlation Engine

Analysis combining any rule, detect anomalies and behaviours. Read more.

Hardware Monitoring

Monitoring deployment hardware units trough SNMP. Read more.

Wireless Traffic Analysis

We integrate with your AP Wifi for indoor localization management and data analysis. Read more.

and more...

redborder employs an open core business model for high-speed innovation, collective intelligence, freedom, and cost control. We believe in the power of the community and are betting on a purely Open Source more

redBorder platform can process millions of events per second from networks of any size in real time. Scale-Out power for managing probes, network devices, analysis activity and users in a multitenant and cloud-ready infrastructure.

redborder offers data enrichment with external intelligence sources combined with data mining, correlation and behavioral analytics. Gain practical insights from integrated data.

Explore our product rangesoftwarehardware we adapt every scenario with our scalability.

redborder Appliances

The security gateway appliances from redBorder have been tested and deployed in a wide range of network environments. Our powerfull solutions are easily scalable for any type of installation.

Even you can try our software based solutions installing our products in your favorite service platform, such as On-premise, Virtual Platform, On Cloud.

redborder Dashboard

Create and customize dashboards, rules, alerts, probes, reports and a lots of more tools to get a real time full monitoring of your network into a single platform.

Our dashboards are very useful and easy to personalize to get and awesome administrator experience.

Redborder is Open Source basedFully scalableBig Data cybersecurity development.

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