Integration, Scalability, Manageability and Visibility

When you put everything together, magic happens. No more machine data silos or Isolated Management.
The Platform
redborder: Infinite Possibilities

Simplify your network analytics and security by fusing all data into a single platform. redborder is a flexible solution that adapts to the needs of your organization. Its hierarchical and multi-domain structures allow you to manage complex environments. Apply security policies, alarms and filters to get maximum protection and control in real time. The redborder operational intelligence platform gives you multiple metrics to easily secure, manage and monetize your network.

Scale-Out without Limits
Unified Storage
Druid & Hadoop combined
All your Data in a Single View
User & Device Management
Open Source with Public API
Our APPs
One-Click Services

Apps live within the platform and are installable as plugins. They collect and digest new data types and protocols. Without them, we wouldn't be able to provide clear information to help you make decisions or automatically apply security countermeasures.

IPS Management
Centralized Event and Policy Management for SNORT* & Suricata
Network Visibility
Netflow & IPFIX Collector with Full Layer 7 Capabilities
Social Visibility
Specifically Targeted Twitter Analytics
Detect and Stop Malware Propagation in your Network (Coming soon)
Syslog Server (2Q16)
redborder Probes
Technology + Efficiency

Probes live outside the platform but are managed by it. They are needed to create new specific data types, apply active policies and effectively protect your network. In combination with the relevant App, they work together to extend analysis and security capabilities.

SNORT* redborder Edition
Fully-managed and Enhanced SNORT*
Mail Gateway
SMTP Reputation Gateway
ICAP Proxy
ICAP Reputation Proxy
endPoint Reputation and IOC Agent
ICAP Proxy

In cooperation with the Malware App, the ICAP Proxy probe detects files traversing your enterprise HTTP traffic and blocks them based on reputation.

SNORT* redborder Edition

redborder has extended SNORT* capabilities to make it fully manageable from our IPS Management App, has simplified its deployment in multi-core servers for maximum performance and has added new geolocation, reputation and file reporting capabilities.

Mail Gateway

In cooperation with the Malware App, the Mail Gateway probe detects files traversing your enterprise email and blocks them based on their reputation and analysis results.


Regardless of security measure, Malware will reach users. The endPoint probe works in cooperation with the Malware App to report on new files detected in the Windows device and blocks them based on reputation. It also keeps a bitacora of system activity for IOC analysis.

3rd Party Probes

With time, the redborder platform will incorporate new probes not directly under our team’s control, but that can be managed from the platform. The SNORT* redborder plugin is already available, and a Suricata redborder plugin on its way. In both cases, you will be able to view events and apply security policies from the platform, but not configure the probes themselves, which needs to be done outside the platform.