Success comes from the team, not the product

Where we are

Plaza de las Naciones s/n,
Edificio de Oficinas Planta 12
Mairena del Aljerafe
41927 Seville

Phone: +34 955 601 160

Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia
Edificio 500 Planta 1 – Derio (Bizkaia)

Phone: +34 607 407 404
Fax: +34 944 164 092

C/ Alcalá, 35 - 6º D
28014 Madrid

Phone: +34 91 531 05 03
Fax: +34 91 522 06 26


The redborder crew

Pure Talent.

Jesús de la Maza

Jesús is our CEO.

Jaime Nebrera

Jaime is our visionary CTO and founder of redBorder. He´s an untiring seeker for awesome technological strategies. He's unbeatable at proposing innovative solutions and table tennis.

Pablo Nebrera

Pablo is our passionate Chief Architect and Development Director and one of the founders of Redborder. His brain never stops. University professor and squash player.

Juan Jesús Prieto

Juan Jesús is one of our founders and our methodical Support and Q&A Manager at redBorder. If you have any questions about Linux, he's your man. Brew master in-training.

Carlos Jiménez

Carlos Jiménez is our brilliant Systems Engineer. His interests are focused in wireless network security and Open Source tools. Super helpful guy and indispensable chocolate cookies provider.

Clara Meniz

Clara is a leading expert in developing languages as Ruby on Rails and Python. She has also worked as a GMS/GPRS/UMTS engineer. Intrepid sportswoman, if you find her in a marathon you won't stand a chance of winning.

Andrés Gómez Ferrer

Andres Gomez Ferrer is one of those Big Data guys….Architect and Developer. He integrates and correlates and makes things intelligent. Deeply in love with Mac OS.

Pablo Casares

Pablo is a developer at redBorder with a degree in Telecom Engineering. He’s joining our Big Data team soon! He keeps a secret: he is a hypnotist magician and has been playing violin for many years.

Eugenio Pérez

Eugenio is one of our young and promising developers. He is a leading expert in data treatment technology and a Young Engineer Award finalist in Telecommunication Forum 2014. Motorbike lover; no bug is too big of a challenge for him.

Aurelio Martín

Aurelio has a long professional career as a Business Development Manager. Shrewd and thorough with his work, he has so much to contribute to redBorder with his “savoir faire”.

José Antonio Parra

José Antonio is our awesome Web Developer Manager. He manages and makes sure that every little detail in our web is working correctly. He is always at the center for the latest updates, regardless if it’s in the technological or social and political field.

Enrique Jiménez

Enrique is one of our brilliant Systems Engineer. He moves like a fish in AWS infrastructure and Chef automations. Versatile and a great team player, he knows Linux inside and out.

Carlos J. Mateos

Carlos Javier is our brand new Security and Systems Engineer. He has substantial experience as a security analyst in public sector and as such, widely recognized as an Honorary professor in Seville University (US).

Raquel Campuzano

Raquel runs the show at redBorder with her attention to detail and organization. She is our lovely Manager of Communications and Customer Experience. Fencing, books, and dog devotee.

Jacqui Davis

Cristina de la Maza

redborder community
The more we work together, the stronger we will be

Today, innovation is driven by users themselves in the open world rather than by technology providers. The unique open source redborder platform was made possible by standing on the shoulders of those who released the source code before us. Now it's time for us to give back. We invite you to collaborate, to help make us better, to share our vision.

Collective Intelligence

Enjoy the synergy of mutually shared knowledge


A documented API is exposed for interactivity


Our community components are licensed under Affero GPL